AMALTHEA - The world ends with you

The world ends with you

Moment Of Collapse

(LP) 8,90 €



Finally, after their last fullengh in 2007, a new sign of life by swedens AMALTHEA. This one sided 12" features two new songs with a total running time of 18:37 minutes. Those two songs reflect the whole range of capability this band is known for. The arc of suspense you are going through while you listen to these perfect guitarmelodies ,which are batched and connected toeach other, let you fall into melancholy, desperation and sparks of hope.
The drums and bassguitar built an own unit which fit perfectly in the picture and emphasize the guitars and voices. The vocals are sung clean as well as screamed.
The band self set the goal for this 12”, to do something new and different and challenging in the same way. The songs were recorded in the bands own studio in Gothenbourg. Josh Bonati mastered the songs in his studio in Brooklyn, New York.
The lyrics are in english and swedish, which creates a very own dynamic atmosphere. Contentual there are many metaphors, which tell a poetic story of a man lost in a chaotic state of a fictionary world in pieces, where he wants to find answers. The guestvocals in the song “Dimman” are sung by Henrik Grevesmühl and Shelby Cinca (FRODUS).
This 12” is a masterpice of emotive soundscapes, experimental ambient sound and classic Postrock/Postmetal parts. These tunes let you only guesswhat to expect by AMALTHEAs upcoming album. All records include a free downloadcode.

Everybody who is into bands like This Will Destroy You, Cult Of Luna or Godspeed You Black Emperor, open your ears!


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