FALCON FIVE - We Are Falcon And You Don't

We Are Falcon And You Don't


(LP) 8,90 €



WOAH! The boys from Würzburg with six fuckin' amazing groovy post punk songs. Little weird and really melodic. Reminds me a little bit of LES SAVY FAV, but who the fuck cares? Give it a try. Perfect record for the upcoming summer.
THE FALCON FIVE formed as kind of a power trio without a name back in 2005. After showing his amazing singing skills at a rehearsal, Andreas joined a few months later to roughhouse the microphone. Henceforth, the band was called THE FALCON FIVE - well, you do the math. First show was in November 2005 at Nuremburg's Endzeit Festival. All dressed up in blue denim, the Würzburgers stoked quite a few people and set off a huge knife fight afterwards. Fortunately, no one got hurt all that badly. Featuring members of überdoomers OMEGA MASSIF and Bad Bocklet's very own SHOKEI, THE FALCON FIVE neither deliver a downtuned drone mayhem nor spastic "emo" songs which change from 3/4 to 5/8 meter every twenty seconds. They are rather into a straightforward rhythm with a dancy twist. Imagine WIPERS, ABBA and infamous krautsters ASH RA TEMPEL munching away on cotton candy at the local fairground and you got the idea. Well, at least the very basic idea. With lyrics tackling subjects like evil robots, huge magnets and white rabbits, they are far away from the preaching-to-the-converted which got all too usual in modern hardcore - actually, they are far away from modern hardcore per se.


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1.Kiss In
2.Your Scene Will Be Our Scene
5.Words Beginn To Fail
6.Human By Birth, Falcon By Choice


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