BRUTAL KNIGHTS - The Pleasure Is All Thine

The Pleasure Is All Thine


released: 04.21.2007

(LP) 11,90 €

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Back In Stock!!! Along with anyone lucky enough to have seen this band live, I've been praising BK's greatness ever since I heard that Nick Flanagan (TEEN CRUD COMBO) and the Sharon brothers (HACKSAW) were talking about starting a new band. If you don't already know, Toronto has been responsible for some of the best current punk bands going (FUCKED UP, CAREER SUICIDE, TERMINAL STATE) and now BRUTAL KNIGHTS. Shit, they were even voted 'Best PUNK band of 2006' by Toronto's Their 'NOT FUN' 7inch (also on DERANGED) raised a few eyebrows but failed to really capture BK's sound and intensity. Luckily, this album is not only a huge improvement with a solid mix/mastering by Jon Drew (produced both FUCKED UP 'police' and 'generations') but it also includes the bands best material to date making this a total shredder. I expect this will surprise most who give this record a spin. PLAY IT LOUD!


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