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Howdy all! Summer is in full-swing and that means it's time for another white-hot issue of everyone's favorite, generation-spanning punk rock magazine, Maximum Rocknroll! This time around stalwart North Carolina hardcore punx DOUBLE NEGATIVE let us know why there still punx, and UK two-piece anarcho-punkers BURNT CROSS explain why they do what they do. Also featured are cool interviews with Chilean record label extraordinaire MASAPUNK, Chi-town young'un thrashers INTIFADA, NYC pop punk heartbreakers THE UNLOVABLES, Danish crust bulldozer NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, and Italian hardcore trailblazers RAW POWER sat down to talk about their twenty-plus year history as a band. And that's not all! On top of all that madness and our usual barrage of reviews of the newest punk shit, columns, reader's letters, and movie reviews, we've still managed to find room for Houston, TX and Grand Rapids, MI scene reports, a Lance Hahn (R.I.P.) retrospective on WASTE, and an overview on this year's Chicago Clitfest. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and grab a copy, asap!


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